28th September 2017

Following the huge launch event in Orlando last weekend, Vida Divina® have announced a new range of organic beauty products to be added to the existing range.  The Emu Oil Company is now part of the Vida Divina® group and so we will be offering these luxury and natural products through our site very shortly indeed!

we will also be ading coffee, hot chocolate and whipped cream to our range to as soon as we are able so it realy is now a great time to keep your eyes on Naturally Divine UK so that you don't miss out!

14th September 2017


Here at Naturally Divine, we love to create some excitement and offer our customers the chance to buy our products at great prices.  And with the imminent arrival or a brand new range of coffee, we have decided to make some room and create some offers just for you.  

You will find all of our deals and offers on the SALE page...and remember....every deal you see is a strictly limited edition.  Just remember, you won't find Sleep n Lose on offer anywhere else, and we are only offering two for £100 until the end of the month.  But stock is very limited so don't delay!

1st September 2017


Today sees the launch of a brand new range of products on our site!  As part of our drive for health, beauty and weight management across the UK, we have decided to add a range of cosmetics and skin care to the shop as well as a wider range of weight loss and dieting products to give you greater choice!

You will still find the amazing Te Divina here, and we have a number of Vida Divina capsules for sale (many of which you can now find in our September Sale).  But you will now also find a large selection of altenatives such as Hydra-slim - a drink that you enjoy throughout the day, meal replacement shakes in a range of delicious flavours and the incredible 7 Day Shred package, plus much more.

During September the range of cosmetics and skin care will increase but as of today you will find a range of eye palletes - the Madeline Range - and the famous Acti-Labs Skyscraper Mascara.

And as always, everything you find on this site is a genuine product, meaning that you can buy with confidence. 

30th August 2017

We are LIVE!

This week sees the launch of our brand new website!  Having run the previous site for approx 8 months, it became clear that there was much more we could offer our customers and that was the focus of the work we have done.

Improvements you will find here include a new loyalty scheme for our regular customers, gift vouchers and a fantastic new payment gateway that allows you to buy now and pay later (as well as accepting immediate payment of course!).

You will still find the same fast dispatch that you have seen in the past, and we remain committed to bringing you the very best products that Vida Divina offer.  We are trying to keep enough stock of the fabulous Te Divina - now the best selling detox tea on the market - plus a very popular collection of capsules such as Sleep n Lose, Ouch, HCG Reactor and many more.  These frequently go out of stock but we have fast shipping from our US based distribution centre now so be sure and add your email address to request notification when your favourite product is back in stock, and we will make sure that you are the first to hear when it arrives.

28th August 2017

Official Merchandise.....and where to find it

Here at Naturally Divine, we pride ourselves on the fact that we only sell official merchandise, supplied directly from the USA distribution centre in California.  Abi Hodgson, who owns Naturally Divine UK is an independant affiliate of Vida Divina and as such is able to supply this shop with products with a guaranteed provenance.

You may find Te Divina, Sleep n Lose, Atom and other capsules for sale on eBay and Amazon (plus perhaps other auction websites) but it is impossible to know if what you are buying through these channels is the licensed product or a very clever copy.

Any product that you consume or use on your body must be from a confirmed and reputable source.  Whilst you may find Vida Divina products cheaper on auction websites, you may not find that there is any guarantee that you have bought something that won't do you harm.

26th August 2017

What is Te Divina?

Te Divina is a much talked about and extremely popular detox tea.  It contains 12 organic ingredients which work together to cleanse your gut.  You will hear many claims made about the tea and the benefits that it has brought to people that have tried it.  And we are very proud to be able to bring so much benefit to so many people.

Neither Vida Divina themselves nor Naturally Divine UK (Independent affiliate thereof) make any medical claims nor guarantees linked to our tea.  

Te Divina is a detox tea so it is advisable to ensure that you drink plenty of water during each day that you take the tea.  It is also advisable to eat as cleanly as possible - think about it....why detox your gut with Te Divina, only to fill it back up again with pizza or crisps or cake!  The impact will be a straightforward zero overall!

Eat well, drink plenty and depending on why you are trying Te Divina, why not weight yourself and take some measurements of your midriff before you start.  You may find that a week of the tea will reduce bloating a little.  Some people report weight loss.  

Just remember, Te Divina affects everyone differently.  A responsible seller will make that clear.